Since opening its first gallery doors in Berlin in 2004, LUMAS has become the world leader in limited-edition fine art. With over 3,000 unique works from over 250 artists, LUMAS brings life to every interior with exclusive, hand-signed pieces. Today, LUMAS has 22 galleries worldwide, offering the latest art trends in cultural capitals
such as New York City, Paris, and London. With a team of professional curators continuously scouring the international art market, the LUMAS portfolio has something for every taste, both residential and commercial.

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    Sea of Tranquility

    Sea of Tranquility – Derek Gores Fashion is constantly reinventing itself while also drawing from the endless diversity of the past. Add in a constant stream of new ideas, and surprising trends are born. Derek Gores takes a similar approach. For his extraordinary collages, which quote from fashion photography, he uses mosaic pieces cut from different fashion magazines. Gores takes – often literally – the written and illustrated out of context in order to express something new. Incredible faces and female figures emerge from the countless individual pieces. At the same time, every movement is perfectly recreated, every detail clearly recognizable. What sets his work apart is its esprit and liveliness.

  • David Bowie OE3 by Lumas product image

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    David Bowie OE3

    David Bowie OE3 – Gavin Evans “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring,” David Bowie once said. There are countless portraits of the musician, but the 1995 photo shoot for The Session wrote a piece of popular history. That is when Bowie came into contact with British photographer Gavin Evans, who was on assignment for Time Out Magazine in London. That forty-minute photo shoot produced legendary portraits of Bowie that are now among the most famous pictures of the musician. From playful to daydreaming to lost in thought, Bowie revealed many aspects of his personality under Evans’ direction. The iconic photographs have already appeared in the auction catalogs of Sotheby’s and on the cover of Rolling Stone.

  • The Tender Land 5 by Lumas product image

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    The Tender Land 5

    The Tender Land 5 – Isabelle Menin Distorted Nature It is immediately apparent that Isabelle Menin’s artistic background is in painting. Her bright colours and invigorating, fanciful manipulation of texture and materiality have enthralled the art community. Menin’s works are like vortexes, pulling viewers in deeper and deeper. Menin describes her compositions as “Inland photographs and disordered landscapes”, as a means of drawing parallels between the complexity of the human character and that of nature. The inspiration for her work is drawn in part from Peter Paul Rubens and the so-called “Flemish Primitives”, an artistic circle prominent in the 15th and 16th Centuries that included Jan van Eyck, Hans Memling and Rogier van der Weyden. Menin’s link to the Flemish masters can be seen in her endeavour to create a distinctive form of reality inside fictional worlds.

  • What Could Possibly go Wrong by Lumas product image

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    What Could Possibly go Wrong

    What Could Possibly go Wrong – Niki Hare Niki Hare manages to transform the unspoken into an everlasting artistic experience. To achieve this, she blends language and color to create an innovative form of expression – one that translates emotions into spectacular typography. In Wordpaintings, thoughts and feelings are transformed into an interactive exhibit – intimate on a personal level, yet far-reaching and accessible worldwide. Niki Hare has developed a distinct visual language that is timeless, full of life, and philosophically profound. She uses language and text to colorfully express all that goes unsaid. Hare attaches great importance to the names of her works, many of which are inspired by well-known philosophers. For example, a title that refers to Jean-Paul Sartre’s writings may serve as a starting point from which Hare develops a new creation. Honesty and directness are at the forefront of Hare’s Wordpaintings series. She extracts thoughts and words from within – …

  • Southafrican Antoinette by Lumas product image

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    Southafrican Antoinette

    Southafrican Antoinette – Olaf Hajek Olaf Hajek is a magician with colours, a virtuoso illustrator and a storyteller. His Flowerheads are brimming with details just waiting to be discovered. Using rich colours, he creates enchanting worlds atop women’s heads. These mystical “hairstyles” spark the imagination. The Flowerheads series combines the art of portrait and still-life painting to make something that has never been seen before. Hajek gives us a glimpse into the way other cultures think, and while the individual components are very familiar, their unique arrangement makes them feel foreign. In Hajek’s surreal compositions, narratives grow and secrets bloom.

  • Just a Drink by Lumas product image

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    Just a Drink

    Just a Drink – Sebastian Magnani What does a superhero do after a long day of saving their city from criminal clowns and ruthless gangs of outlaws? They call it a day, enjoy a glass of cognac in a stylish hotel bar, smoke cigars, maybe even read the newspaper. They deserve a little leisure after a rough day full of challenges and merciless fights – even heroes need some rest and relaxation. At least that’s the story Sebastian Magnani’s photographs depict – a superhero without superpowers who overcomes his opponents through sheer will and ingenuity. He may sometimes need a break, but his brooding demeanor and elegance always remain. Magnani skillfully captures the aura of the mysterious vigilante and places it within the context of our everyday reality, thus colliding two worlds with surprising and inspirational results.

  • SALT WORKS II by Lumas product image

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    SALT WORKS II – Tom Hegen Round salt ponds, mighty dams, and furrowed forests – the relationship between man and nature is at the heart of Tom Hegen’s work. He entrances us with harmonious symmetry and captivating colors, while using a unique perspective to examine our influence on the planet. Taking to the sky in hot air balloons, helicopters, and prop planes, or using a multicopter drone he constructed to suit his photographic needs, Hegen shows us the world from above. To Hegen, aerial photography is the only possible medium that can simultaneously portray our civilization and pay tribute to our planet. From this vertical viewpoint, our eyes recognize a soothing order to the chaos. Subsequently, we see that we are also part of this fascinating planet. Hegen teaches us a new way of seeing, following in the footsteps of aerial photography pioneer Georg Gerster, who wrote: “Height provides an overview, and an overview facilitates insight, while insight generates consideration �…

  • African Vogue - Gold Stilettos & Black by Lumas product image

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    African Vogue – Gold Stilettos & Black

    African Vogue – Gold Stilettos & Black – Wolfgang Joop The multi-talented Wolfgang Joop had clear role models: the ice-cold beauty of Tamara de Lempicka’s paintings that reflect the 1930s and their ideals of beauty and the expressive, slightly heinous drawings by Egon Schiele. Both artists followed their own paths against the current of society, not submitting themselves to the tastes of the times and therefore creating an individual visual world concentrated on peoples and their bodies. Based on these artists and the many other experiences in his eventful and always independent life as a designer, actor, and author, Wolfgang Joop has developed a type of fashion drawing completely his own, in which “pose and personal demeanor become one.” For him, art and fashion are most impressive when the objects have the spark of an old master, whom he studied extensively, and possess “an aura of unintentionalness; or the intention to be completely self-satisfied.” The French call this l…